The Elegant Styling of Lady Dior Handbags

Christian Dior was a French clothing designer born in 1905 and died in 1957. During his lifetime, he managed to start the Christian Dior brand and amazingly transform it into the most successful clothing brand in the world. His designs hit the market during the post-WWII era, creating innovative extravagant feminine new looks that would change the fashion world and become the centerpiece that the fashion market would converge to for inspiration, admiration and of course ownership. His company would continue its success throughout many years with breath-taking clothing designs and soon create a handbag line that would dazzle the world and attract a great deal of success in the fashion industry as well.

Christian Dior started illustrating magazines in 1935 with Figaro Illustré. Years later, he would then go on to become a design assistant for Paris couturier Robert Piguet, before going into the French military as an officer during WWIl. After serving the military he would then go on to work for couturier Lucien Lelong, who would dress the Nazis and French women with dazzling style. In 1946, Marcel Boussac, the richest man in French, backed Christian Dior's venture of starting his own brand and from that point forward, his own fashion house was created. From 1951 – Present, Christian Dior brand has replaced the creative director, which started with Christian Dior, to a long list of other greats, but the success of the brand would continue.

In 1994, the Christian Dior brand started an iconic handbag line that would be worthy enough for the most truest of ladies at heart. It included quilted, diagonal and perpendicular stitching with a feminine and elegant arch handle that gave the Christian Dior bag its french Maison's signature bag look that women would fall in love with and cherish.

Worn by celebrities and royalty around the world, it mainly accomplished its success in 1995 when Lady Diana fell in love with the latest designed Christian Dior bag after it was given to her by the company to wear. After wearing the bag throughout her usual encounters with famous photographers, the world would begin to ask questions and soon the handbag would become a hit and from that point forward the Christian Dior hand bag has been the finishing touch on Dior fashion and has even adopted the name, the “Lady Dior” handbag.