Goyard bags are becoming extremely popular in the fashion world. The Goyard tote bags are on the rise. Goyard’s popularity is on the rise due to its attainability. Many people, unless you are well connected with the fashion industry has heard of this French brand. Now you can find Goyard bags online and from second-hand retailers. This has made the Goyard handbags less exclusive and more attainable.

Usually, when bags become less exclusive they become less expensive, unfortunately. On a brighter note, who wants a bag that no one has ever heard of? The Goyard bag is comparable to a Birkins with respect to price. Though it is somewhat, difficult to figure out the actual price of Goyard handbags.

For our readers, we have gone to the edge of the internet to discover the famous Goyard totes pricing guide. We below you will find the Goyard tote styles for Saint Louis, Artois, and Anjou with their respective prices and sizes.

Style Price in USD Size
Goyard Saint Louis PM Bag Classic Colors $1,225.00 11" W x 19" H x 6" D
Special Colors $1,595.00
Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag Classic Colors $1,425.00 13" W x 23" H x 7" D
Special Colors $1,795.00
Goyard Saint Louis XXL Bag Classic Colors $1,780.00 24" W x 16.5" H
Special Colors $2,310.00
Goyard Artois PM Classic Colors $1,725.00 9.5" x 12" x 5.25"
Special Colors $2,245.00
Goyard Artois MM Classic Colors $2,035.00 11" x 14.5" x 6.25"
Special Colors $2,625.00
Goyard Anjou PM Classic Colors $2,345.00 11" x 19" x 6"
Special Colors $2,745.00
Goyard Anjou GM Classic Colors $3,035.00 13" x 23" x 7"
Special Colors $3,550.00