How to Repair Damaged Louis Vuitton Bag

Owning a Louis Vuitton bag is a statement of class, fashion elitism, and an economically wise buy that. Because a Louis Vuitton bag that can last for decades, fashion enthusiasts buy these bags for both fashion and financial prudence.

Therefore, it can be heart-wrenching when a Louis Vuitton bag gets cracked or damaged.

Here we will be walking you through the process of how to treat your Louis Vuitton bag right, how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag, how to repair it when it is damaged and how to get a refund from Louis Vuitton if you purchase a torn bag.

To start with, can a Louis Vuitton be damaged?

The answer is an emphatic yes. Although the materials used in making a Louis Vuitton bag is durable and varies, there is still a possibility, relatively low though, of the bag getting damaged.

Materials Used For Making Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton bags are made from the best leather materials in the world. Some of which include:

  1. Natural leather
  2. Cowskin and cowhides leather.
  3. Vernis leather
  4. Monogram and Damier Canvas
  5. Printed Canvas

These materials are durable, get better with use over time, and can last for decades.

Louis Vuitton bags have a lifetime duration period. Due to the excellent quality of the materials used, you have no fears of having a damaged bag anytime soon.

Torn Edges

But should this happen, your bag gets damaged, you can rest assured that Louis Vuitton has got your back. They have a thirty days return policy for bags bought from Louis Vuitton stores.

However, if your bag gets damaged after five years or even a decade, there are ways you can repair and restore the exquisite beauty of the bag.

Before diving headfirst into repairing damaged Louis Vuitton bags, how does one even know a Louis Vuitton bag is real or fake?

How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

Let us be honest here; many fake bags abound in the market. Therefore, you should know what handbag you're buying to properly care for it. You don't want to start flaunting a fake Louis Vuitton bag. No way.

Authentic Stamps
Fake Stamps
  • Recently made Louis Vuitton bags, from the 1890s, have date codes. Look out for those Date codes on the leather tags. These codes have two numbers, followed by four digits.
  • Fake bags come with authenticity certificates. Original bags don't.
  • The spelling of the Louis Vuitton in real bags is distinct. The L is in real ones are not very close to the bottom of the O. Also, the O in fake bags are oval while in real ones, they are round.
  • LV logos in fake bags are broken along any seam or cut.
  • Camel-colored handles are painted in another color aside from red at the seams. Real camel-colored bags are painted red at the seams.
Hardware Test

How To Clean A Louis Vuitton Bag

LV Neverfull Lining Cleaning

Having bought a new bag, or a pre-owned bag, taking care of the handbag becomes a challenge. You'd want to keep the glow and sheen of the bag sparkling.

For different bags, there are various means of cleaning them, seeing that each bag, with their different leathers, canvas, and hardware, have different properties. For example, bags made with monogram canvas were dark-hued, porous, and often held onto dirt longer.

To properly clean these bags, a baby wipes, preferably one without alcohol, would do. The alcohol-free wipes are so that the color of the handles or canvass or hardware aren't cleaned off. A baby wipe does the trick quickly.

Restoring LV Rivets

All you have to do is carefully rub the leather or the handle or hardware with baby wipes. 

Furthermore, you can use a MagicEraser to clean your Vachetta leather bags. In the situation where the canvas of your bag has scuff marks, use a leather cleaner to clean the bag.

  • If you have a Neverfull Louis Vuitton bag, you can use warm water and a clean rag to clean it. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is dampen the clean cloth with the warm water and rub the bag carefully. Do the same for the handles, the sides, and the bottom of the bag.
  • After you have done this, you use a dry rag to dry the bag.
  • To clean the inside of your bag, you should use the lid roller. Use the lid roller to roll over the inside of the bag.

How To Protect Your Louis Vuitton From Dust

LV with Dust Cover
  • You would use your bag from time to time, but you can keep your Louis Vuitton bag safe from excessive dust by using a Louis Vuitton dust bag when you aren't using the bag. The dust bag helps your bag stay clean and dust-free.
  • You can also lie in your bag flat when not in use. Do not tuck the handles inside the bag when not in use; it reduces the life span of the handles.
  • To get a cleaner inside with your bags, use a bag organizer. Aside from keeping the insides of your bag clean, it helps you organize all your items in the bag.

How To Repair A Cracked Canvas Of A Louis Vuitton Bag

The company doesn’t accept a purchased product with faults after thirty days of purchase. But in truth though, warranty varies from country to country with regards to repairs from the company. For some, it is two years; for others, it is less.

But this shouldn’t deter you from seeking ways to fix your damaged Louis Vuitton bag cracks, or replacing the handles or repairing any of the hardware.

If you have a cracked canvas, you can use cyanoacrylate glue to fix the crack.

Here is how you can do it yourself:

  • Buy a cyanoacrylate glue.
  • Get a pin.
  • Use the pin to get a drop of the glue
  • Put the point or edge of the pin inside the crack.
  • Stick the two sides of the bag together.

Louis Vuitton Replacement Cost

Aside from the cracks mentioned above, there are a host of other things that can be damaged in your Louis Vuitton bags. Fixing some of the problems involves using the services of a cobbler or a leather bag professional.

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Restored By The Handbag Spa

The prices listed below aren't cast-in-stone prices. They vary based on the cobbler and repair professional you give. But in general, the price should be close to the price or slightly higher than it. And again, it depends on where you live.

  • Price for Handle Replacement: It should cost around $150 to fix
  • Small Straps: $120 per strap
  • Zip Replacement: $180 or more
  • Hardware Replacement: $50 or more
  • Piping Replacement: $250 or more
  • Pocket Replacement: $200 or more
  • Lining Replacement: $350 or more
  • Vachetta Restoration: $350 or more
  • Restorative Cleaning: $250 or more

How To Refurbish A Louis Vuitton Bag

louis vuitton repair

Having a Louis Vuitton bag look old and dirty can cause many a woman sleepless night. If your bag is no longer looking as bright as when you first bought it, you do not need to worry. You can refurbish it and make it look new and attractive again.

You will need the following materials:

  1. Step 1: Use the dry towel to wipe off the rust from the fittings.
  2. Step 2: With the t-qips, buff the small metal fitting pieces with a small amount of metal polish cream.
  3. Step 3: Use a dry paper towel to buff the metal pieces that were polished earlier. Keep polishing until the metal starts shining, and residue can no longer be seen.
  4. Step 4: Use a dry paper towel for polish cream application on the locks and other more substantial metal hardware; the zipper inclusive. The leather should look glossy after the polishing. If it doesn't, don't proceed to the next step. If it doesn't give sheen, it means it, so there is no need for a MagicEraser.
  5. Step 5: Dampen your MagicEraser and squeeze out any excess water. It should be dry before you can use it. Rub carefully on the handles and tabs. Be careful not to scrub as scrubbing would make the leather worse off. Rub each spot gently, focusing on a spot for about 15 seconds or more. After you have finished with the rubbing, the leather would look darker. Don't fret.
  6. Step 6: Leave the leather to dry for about one hour. Then apply a small amount of Cadillac conditioner. The conditioner should be used to dampen a small clean cloth and then the fabric used to rub the bag. The conditioner helps to keep the bag smooth, hydrated, and buttery.
  7. Step 7: Use a clean cloth and some Cadillac conditioner to wipe down the monogram canvas or epi leather.

This simple process brings life to your Louis Vuitton bag. It looks good as new.

Loius Vuitton Repair Centers

Taking care of your Louis Vuitton bag is essential if you want your bag to last longer. But there are times when your handbag could be damaged.

Louis Vuitton stores offer repairs to any damaged Louis Vuitton product. All you have to do is send the damaged product, through courier service, to the nearest shop.

If the nearest shop is far from where you live, you can use the services of a local cobbler. Or any of these Louis Vuitton repair centers. They help with Louis Vuitton hardware replacements, leather refurbishing, fixing cracked canvas, and a host of other damages.

  1. Handbagclinic: If you are based in the UK, these guys are your go-to fix for damaged LV bags. They repair and restore damaged LV bags.
  2. Ragobrothers
  3. Handbag Spa
  4. Evans Repair Store
  5. Bagmaster Luggage And Repair
  6. Sunset Cobbler
  7. Shoe Repair And Beyond
  8. Loui Vuitton Aventura
  9. Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour Saks
  10. Bridget’s Shoe And Handbag Repair Store

The quality of materials used in making Louis Vuitton bags makes them an asset for women. Yet, these bags must be treated with care and cleaned regularly. Louis Vuitton, with its two-years warranty, ensures that your bags are in good hands even after a canvas crack or hardware problem.

If you can't get your bags to the nearest Louis Vuitton store for repairs, then your local cobbler should come in handy. Be sure the cobbler knows his onions. In all, Louis Vuitton bags are classy, beautiful, and great to have.

Get yourself a Louis Vuitton bag now, and enjoy the peace of quality Bags!