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Prada Bag Pricing Guide 

Introduction to our Prada bag price guide: This guide for Prada’s Classic bags is meant to serve as a way to track the prices of popular Prada bag styles. We will include designs from the Safiano Lux bags to current seasons of Prada and beyond….


Hermes Constance Bag Pricing Guide 

Facts About the Hermes Constance The Hermes Constance bags is an elegant shoulder bag accompanied by a leather strap that can be lengthed.  The ‘H’ emblem in the middle of the bags is considered one of its most charming feature. Its has hardware options in…


The Goyard Tote Pricing Guide 

Goyard bags are becoming extremely popular in the fashion world. The Goyard tote bags are on the rise. Goyard’s popularity is on the rise due to its attainability. Many people, unless you are well connected with the fashion industry has heard of this French brand….


Dior Bag Price List Guide 

The Christian Dior handbags are known for their femininity and luxury stylings. The Dior bag pricing guide below is for reference only. The actual prices are subject to change at any time and could be different at the retailer you are purchasing the bag. We…