Gucci Dionysus Bag Size & Style Guide

Gucci Dionysus Bag Guide

This guide will feature the Gucci Dionyus Bags.  This bag was designed by Alessandro Michele.  It blends Gucci's rich heritage with contemporary allure. 

This collections was inspired by Greek mythology, the Dionysus boasts a distinctive texture tiger head closure, symbolizing power and mystique.

The Gucci Dionyus bag include many different styles, sizes and materials. 

Gucci Dionysus Style Guide

Gucci Dionysus Bag Sizes

The Dionysus bag is available in five different sizes: Dionysus Coin Purse, Super Mini Dionysus, Mini Dionysus, Small Dionysus, and Medium Dionysus. If you are looking for a true medium I'd suggest you go with the mini or small.  The Dionysus Medium is the size of a large in many other brands.

Below are figures show how the Gucci Dionysus small vs medium and the other sizes will ideally drop.

Size Comparison for Gucci Dionysus Bags

Style & Material of GUCCI Dionysus Purses

Below are some of the styles released for the Gucci Dionysus bags.  It features a versatile design, available in various sizes and an array of materials from GG Supreme canvas to exotic leathers, caters to a plethora of styles and preferences. 

Gucci Dionysus Bag Prices Guide

The above Dionysus pricing guide is only a reference. Pricing could be different based on material, styles, demand, and country in which the bag is purchased.  For a more in depth guide explore our Gucci pricing guide.

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