YSL Kate Bag Size & Style Guide

YSL Kate Bag Guide

This guide will feature the YSL Kate Bag.  The bag received its name from the famous actress Kate Moss and was introduced in 2010.

The Kate bag has since grown to include many different styles, sizes and materials. All are inspired by the OG Kate Bag.

YSL Kate Micro Bags
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Saint Laurent Kate Bag Sizes

The Kate bag is available in three different sizes: Micro, Small, and Medium. The Small has been updated to a large measurement as mentioned below and the Micro is more like a designer air pod bag.

Size Comparison for YSL Kate Bags

Style & Material of YSL Kate Satchels

There is likely to be many new styles and collection released as the years go one.  As the Kate bag is one of Saint Laurent's popular bags below are some of the favors.

YSL Kate Bag Prices Guide

Styles Sizes (in Inches)
Micro $795
Small $2,150
Medium $2,400

The above YSL Kate Bag pricing guide is only a reference. Pricing could be different based on material, styles, demand, and country in which the bag is purchased.  Review our guide on the best countries to purchase a luxury bag.

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