14 Best Betsey Johnson Bags

If you are seeking that over-the-edge, stylish handbag, then Betsey Johnson bags are perfect for you. To begin with, you’ll just fall in love with Betsey Johnson’s telephone crossbody handbags! These extraordinary handbags not only have a telephone headset that works with your cell phone but also include a plug-in telephone.

Betsey Johnson bags

Betsey Johnson Faux Patent Leather Rotary Phone Crossbody Bag

The telephone crossover bags are surely convenient for all your traveling needs with plenty of space inside for credit cards, makeup, and much more. Equally important, this is an amazing bag that comes in different colors to match your outfit perfectly, that being, colors from black and rainbow to black & white stripe and mint.

Betsey Johnson Weekender bag

One of my favorites in telephone crossover is the black handbag nicely trimmed in gold with a partial gold chain shoulder strap. You’ll surely have that professional look with this handbag to wear with any business outfit. Along with, the faux leather Betsey Johnson fuchsia, a novelty handbag with an image of a typewriter on the front of it, gives you that retro girl look. And, if you shop for excellence, Betsey Johnson purses are not only made with quality, but also pizzazz! Such as the “oh bow” blush, multi-Satchel style bags.

Betsey Johnson oh bow Satchel

These bags come in multi-colors, including floral designs with Betsey Johnson’s logo in the center of a bow, which is how it got its name: Betsey Johnson Oh Bow Bag. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift, you’ll surely be complemented with the “oh bow” bag no matter where you go.

Briefly, let’s go back to the history when Betsey Johnson became known as a fashion designer during the late 1960s. According to Elizabeth Hanson, Johnson became a well-known fashion designer after creating brands for the first lady at that time, Jacqueline Kennedy. With a passion for art and dance, Johnson’s fashion designer career grew even further during the new wave/punk era in the late 1970s.

Naturally, if you are a music lover, you will love Betsey Johnson's black & white piano-shaped silhouette bag that actually plays music. Astonishingly, this jazzy bag is designed with a partial gold-tone chain and faux leather strap to easily throw over your shoulder and fully lined with a wall pocket inside. You’ll enjoy listening to good music with this piano-shaped bag while shopping with your friends.

Then, if you are going out with friends and/or family for good times, Betsey Johnson “be my” Satchel style bow minty blue top handle bag will go perfectly with your favorite blue jeans. Even the selection of backpacks is ideal with your favorite jeans!

Betsey Johnson Googly Moogly Backpack

Check out the black googly moogly fashion backpack that can be used for all purposes, including for moms to conveniently put all their baby items in. This is a fun backpack with googly eyes and great for going hiking, going for a walk along the beach or countryside, or even going to your favorite theme park!

Amazingly, Betsey Johnson bags have many different stylish bags, backpacks, and even totes to choose from for any occasion and for any outfit. Another favorite of mine is Betsey Johnson's “crossbody” style bags that you’ll surely love, and comfortable to wear is the black hidden treasure satchel bag. What’s great about this handbag is that it has a detachable crossbody with plenty of room to put all your belongings in.

Betsey Johnson “LUV Betsey” stripe tote bag

Overall, speaking of totes, put on your sunglasses, bathing suit and grab your Betsey Johnson “LUV Betsey” stripe tote bag. This tote got its name from the red lip emblem attached to an eight-inch shoulder drop and includes a zipper to keep all your belongings secure.

One of my favorite totes by Betsey Johnson is “night lights” which creates a heavenly style for a cool summer night watching the sun go down at the beach or from any backyard. If you love the sky, stars, and moon, then “night lights” is a tote to put a light sweater in or anything else like a pair of binoculars!

Betsey Johnson “Night lights” Bag

Even totes with bows by Betsey Johnson will surely give you plenty of compliments, such as the cream color shoulder bag with black polka dots.

A Few of our Favorite Betsey Johnson Bags

There are many of you who are still avid fans of Betsey Johnson.  So I wanted to conclude with a mini collection of my favorite Betsey Johnson handbags of all time.

Betsey Johnson Wallets

Shock it to me Convertible Wristlet

Rock on Wallet

Betsey Johnson Totes



Betsey Johnson Backpacks



Betsey Johnson Satchels



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