Is Your Hermes Birkin Bag the Real Deal?

Do not settle for an imitation of the authentic bag designed for Jane Birkin. That handsome bag needed to be good enough for Jane Mallory Birkin, the English actress and activist. And you should not settle for less that that either.

The legendary Birkin Handbag has some signature features that also confirm each bags authenticity. You should know you are supporting the custom design that was inspired by Jane Birken when fate led her to book the seat next to the Hermes Chief Executive Jean-Louis Dumas on a shared flight in 1981. The bag has become so coveted, it's design has changed surprisingly little in over 30 years!

And so you are at least familiar with the background of the namesake of the classic Birkin Handbag, here are some details of what the talented celebrity is involved in. Jane Birken is now based out of France. She began her career as an actress and a singer. She gained notoriety for her relationship with Serge Gainsbourge in the 1970's. And she has has more recently even written her own album. Birken has authored a book. And she has used her fame to give a voice to the rally for democracy in Myanmar.

Now you know the authentic lady of the handbag. Make sure you also know how to spot a genuine Birken purse by Hermes:

The pronounced sharp shape

The real Birken Handbag will have a very crisp and precise flat shape. Imitations will often reveal bulges and soft spots where they should maintain a stiffness. This is likely the result of Jane Birken herself expressing her struggle to find the right weekend bag on that fateful day in the world of handbag history! Their conversation began when Birken was struggling to stuff her straw bag into the overhead compartment before it tipped and spilled out the contents onto the area where the 2 passengers shared the flight.

The genuine HERMES stamp

Even the fake Birkins may be stamped with a similar HERMES, Made In France imprint. Look closely at that stamp. The real thing should look double-coated. It should not appear faded or be at all translucent. It will be clear and silver. The Hermes name does not contain any accent like you may see on an imitation. And the authentic Hermes bag will have a slight indented contour above the stitching on the seam. It will look like a pressed – in indention and is lacking in most imitation handbags.

The hardware

Both real Birkins and knock – offs have engraving on the hardware that are part of the bags unique clasp closure. The real Birkin engraving will be more refined and thin. This is the result of better craftsmanship and crafting equipment. The lettering will be thin. A copy bag will have wider lettering that's deeper and less delicate. The letters will be spaced further apart and have a more brutish appearance.

Inner strap cutout

On the real bag this will look very finished and tidy. On an imitation, it will appear rough and the inner layers will not be trimmed as flush.

The zipper

The real bags leather pull tab will be cut with a contour so it does not need to bunch up to fit in the zipper hole. A fake bags pull will have wrinkles there.