The Best Michael Kors Handbags For Spring 2016

Spring is here, and with the change in season comes a change in wardrobe as we switch out all the things that kept us stylish, cozy and warm and trade them for the light, breezy and colorful fashions of a time of sunshine and nature in bloom.

As we change the style of our clothes we of course have to update accessories to match, which is fun because of all the styles there are to choose from. One of the most popular labels for accessories is Michael Kors, and here we'll outline the best Micheal Kors handbags for spring 2016.

The Sloan shoulder bag is a small option that makes a big statement because of the striking graphic look it presents and the luxe detailed of it including its chain link strap. In quilted or chevron pattern, the Sloan is beautiful and on trend, and looks fresh because of its high end use of denim material. It's a beautiful option to pair with a simple look to elevate it to something more chick and interesting.

The Romy is a crossbody style, which is very on trend and popular for this season, that comes in small medium and large size options, giving customers variety in function without making them have to change from a style that they like. The Romy comes in either suede or leather and in a variety of striking colors that are beautiful yet neutral and well suited to compliment any outfit it's paired with.

The Riley is a leather satchel, that's a large handbag made for day or evening wear. It's structured and detailed design as well as its embossed leather material is what makes this bag a standout and a statement piece no matter what outfit it's paired with.

The Rhea is a sportier option that doesn't sacrifice style for utility. The Rhea is a backpack, but the fact that it comes in several different striking colors, color combinations, and patterns – including studded leather, metallic, and Python – makes it all the more appealing as a fashion accessory. The backpack is chic and versatile, with zipper and logo details that make it look even more high end.

The Salina is an absolute stunner of a handbag. Made of pure Python, this bag comes in beautiful vibrant colors and a unique shape that is immediately distinct. The Salina features a very fresh and modern drawstring closure and a long shoulder strap, making carrying this incredible bag easy. Any outfit paired with this uniquely designed standout is sure to be a showstopper.

The Miranda is a beautiful option made of leather in jewel and neutral tones that give its the structure and details a sophisticated and expensive look. The Miranda comes as a tote or backpack and looks completely classic and undoubtedly high end.

Any of these styles represent the best Michael Kors bag in Spring 2016.