Hermes Constance Bag Price List Guide

Facts About the Hermes Constance

The Hermes Constance bags are an elegant shoulder bag accompanied by a leather strap that can be lengthed.  The ‘H’ emblem in the middle of the bags is considered one of its most charming feature. It has hardware options in gold, silver, palladium, or enamel all aligned with bright colors material.

The Hermes Constance bag got a redesign and was renamed the Elan. Even so, the Constance bag will always be a timeless silhouette for the Hermes brand. Its craftsman, design, and overall beauty will live forever.

Hermes Constance Styles

The Hermes Constance bags consist of styles that are highly recognizable today, including the Constance Wallet To Go, The Constance Elan 24, the Constance Cartable 29, and even the Constance 1-24 – which is a slimmer version of the Constance 24 with one gusset.

Hermes Constance Sizes

The Hermes Constance is the smaller bags of the Hermes collection. The Constance is available in five sizes: the micro, mini, 24cm, Elan, and the Cartable.  The Elan is longer, narrower, and more rounded as compared to the other sizes.  In the 2013 seasons, Hermes released the Constance Cartable.

The Constance 1-24 measures at 24 cm x 29 cm x 9 cm. It is also a larger version with short straps. If you a top-handle bag carrier, then the Constance Cartable is perfect for you.

Unfortunately, Constance 23, 25, and 29 have been discontinued. You can still buy one of these bags, they are usually available through certified resellers site.

The pricing of the Hermes Constance varies based on the size and material used in the bag. All of our price estimates are based on the Epsom leather style.