The Goyard Saint-Leger Bag Guide

Last year Goyard released its very own luxury handbag into the world. To our surprise, Goyard is one of the few brands that rarely releases new styles. Goyard has released this new style very quietly, missing all the fanfare of a launch. Although a little late, we felt it was imperative to release a guide specifically for Goyard's Luxury backpack – The Goyard Saint-Leger Bag.

Goyard Saint-Leger backpack bag

Of course, this bag is presented like the iconic St. Lucie, it elegantly carries the Goyard classic style with a contemporary feel; easily making it an ideal travel bag. The Saint-Ledger goes from being a simple backpack to a travel bag, that easily folds into a larger bag. Goyard considers this bag a foldable piece of luggage, briefcase, or backpack.

The Goyard Stain-Leger is perfect for people who want a lightweight and durable bag for everyday anything. This bag is only in one size, but you get it in 11 different colors.

The Saint-Leger Bag is retailing at $2,380. The prices may be a little different based on the color you choose. It's nearly impossible to get different colors online. You will need to make an appointment at a Goyard boutique.