The Best 10 Designer Clutch Bags that Completes Any Outfit

A designer clutch bag can either complete an outfit or, on more unfortunate occasions, completely ruin it.  Luckily, there are many stellar clutches to add to your wardrobe, regardless of the season. Nowadays, you don't need to buy anything, you can simply rent a bag. Amazing!

What Is a Clutch Bag?

A clutch bag is, simply put, a handbag without a handle. You have to clutch onto the whole bag to carry it, hence the lovely name attached to the bag. Some clutches do come with an attachable chain, for those who want more of an adjustable bag.

The clutch was invented in the 1920s and became quite popular throughout the Roaring Twenties and 1930s. Starlets on the red carpet at this time preferred a clutch bag, as it was believed that a regular old handbag would absolutely ruin the silhouette of their outfit.

Now, the clutch bag has had its ups and downs in fashion history. However, the clutch bag has never truly gone out of style — and its prevalence in fashion is still relevant to this day.

What Brand Makes the Most Popular Clutches?

Designer clutch bags are something of beauty. Made from high-quality material, these bags can be found on models (both when they are on and off duty), as well as high-profile fashion influencers on Instagram. But who makes them the best?

This question will vary from person to person. For the most part, the best clutch brands tend to be Chloe, Gucci, and Saint Laurent.

Should I Only Have Evening Clutches?

Having only an evening clutch in your wardrobe is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. While an evening clutch is a must-have (as you never know when you’ll need it!), daytime, casual clutches have become much more trendy in the past few years.

Designer clutch bags

You always want to have a selection of the best designer clutches available in your closet. So, having at least one evening clutch and one casual daytime clutch is a good place to start. Hey, you might even find one clutch that you can dress both up and down!

The Best Designer Clutch Bags

We all want the best items to add to our ever-growing wardrobe, don’t we? Clutch bags are a great addition to any outfit, wardrobe, or collection — and here are the best.

Gucci GG Marmont Clutch

Gucci GG Marmont Clutch

Gucci is known for its lovely clutches. Their GG Marmont Clutch would make a great addition to the wardrobe of someone who likes their outfits a bit bold (and a bit Gucci).

You could use this clutch as an evening bag or as a high-end casual bag (for those who take their street style seriously).

The GG Marmont Clutch:

  • Made of 100% leather on the outside and 100% microfiber on the inside
  • Black quilted leather trimmed with red piping
  • Includes Gucci’s double G logo attached to the front flap
  • A part of Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2019 Collection
  • Made in Italy
Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Mini Crossbody Clutch Bag in Red

Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Mini Crossbody Clutch Bag in Red

A slightly basic clutch that could be worn for any event, this Salvatore Ferragamo clutch is a must-have. The lovely red color makes it perfect for any season (though it would be a fantastic addition during the winter holidays).

Much more than the Gucci bag discussed above, this clutch could be added when running out of the house for errands, or for an evening event later on in the night.

The Miss Vara Mini Crossbody Clutch Bag:

  • Versatile; comes with a chain that you can attach, wearing the clutch as a crossbody
  • Small size; could also use as a wallet when not using as a clutch
  • Made of pebbled calf leather on the outside and jacquard lining on the inside
  • Made in Italy

Saffiano Metal Phone Wristlet

A classic black Prada clutch that could be added to literally any outfit. This leather bag has that iconic Prada look that many love (and what’s not to love?), yet it also could be used in many different ways.

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch in Black

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch in Black

For those looking for a little more rock n’ roll in their handbags. This Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch is definitely a casual or evening bag.

However, it is one of those bags that truly have to go with the outfit. As stated above, it’s a great bag for those with a little more “rock” in their personality.

Jimmy Choo Titania Jeweled Satin Clutch Bag in Blue

Jimmy Choo Titania Jeweled Satin Clutch Bag in Blue

Truly an evening bag, this Jimmy Choo satin bag manages to shake things up. You can’t get classier than a blue satin clutch, can you?

Made of high-quality material, this slim bag appears seamless, light, and for those who might want a little nostalgia added to their wardrobe.

Saint Laurent Tuxedo Box Minaudiere in Black

Saint Laurent Tuxedo Box Minaudiere in Black

Boy, does this clutch have character. Saint Laurent knows how to make their clutches — which is why their bags are often considered to be some of the best designer evening bags.

This Tuxedo Box must be included in this list, simply because it’s so stunning. A definite evening bag, this clutch is perfect for all the street style queens looking for something a bit new (and a bit different).

Judith Leiber Couture Soho Snakeskin Box Clutch Bag

Judith Leiber Couture Soho Snakeskin Box Clutch Bag 

This emerald green beauty is a must-have for those who are sick of all the basic, black clutches they have in their closet. Judith Leiber Couture’s Soho Snakeskin Box Clutch Bag is beautiful and a perfect addition to one’s evening wear.

While some of the bags in this list could be interchangeable throughout the day, this bag definitely only screams evening wear bag.

Chloe C Croc-Effect Clutch

Chloe C Croc-Effect Clutch

A simple, yet lovely clutch, this Chloe handbag truly could be used with a casual or evening outfit. Plus, the forest green color of the clutch is a great fall and winter shade.

The C Cro-Effect Clutch also has the added benefit of being timeless. While “louder” designs could quickly go out of style, you can bet that this Chloe design will stay in your closet for a while to come.

Oscar de la Renta Alibi Slim Clutch

Oscar de la Renta Alibi Slim Clutch

Now, this is the clutch for those who love to play around with their style. While many prefer to keep their handbags simple so that they don’t ruin their outfit, a stunning bag can make an outfit.

And this Alibi Slim Clutch is one of those bags that make outfits. Plus, the slim silhouette of the bag is just the perfect size for a clutch.

Gucci Broadway Leather Evening Clutch

Gucci Broadway Leather Evening Clutch in Black

The perfect little black designer clutch, Gucci’s Broadway Leather Evening Clutch is subtle, yet beautiful. For those looking for a simple black clutch, this is the bag for you. You still have the iconic interlocking GGs, yet this clutch isn’t as loud as the other Gucci bag on this list.

While you definitely could dress this bag up or down, depending on the mood and overall outfit, this bag would be lovely with any evening outfit.

Notes on Finding your Best Evening Bag

Whether you’re looking for a daytime, evening, or versatile clutch, you have many options to choose from. From leather to satin, from Gucci to Saint Laurent, from black to blue, the best designer clutches can help elevate your style instantly. 

The above list of designer clutches is only a starting point. There are hundreds of designers who make beautiful clutch bags and a large array of prices and styles. Find your next clutch bag to love. Also, be sure to check out the most expensive bag brands to date.