Europe Chanel Bag Price List Guide

Europe Chanel Classic Bags Prices

Here is our complete guide for the European Chanel Price List for countries that fall under the Euros. The increases will be reflected below. If you are looking for the North American Chanel price guide, visit here.

Styles2019 Prices2018 Prices% Change
Chanel Classic – Mini Flap Bag£2,460.00£2,290.007.4%
Chanel Rectangular Mini Flap Bag£2,790.00£2,610.006.8%
Chanel Classic – Small Flap Bag£4,170.00£3,810.009.4%
Chanel Classic – Medium Flap Bag£4,720.00£4,300.009.7%
Chanel Classic – Jumbo Flap Bag£5,230.00£4,800.008.9%
Chanel Classic – Maxi Flap Bag£5,690.00£5,200.009.4%
Chanel Reissue – 225 Bag£4,720.00£4,300.009.7%
Chanel Reissue – 226 Bag£5,230.00£4,800.009.9%
Chanel Reissue – 227 Bag£5,690.00£5,200.009.4%
Chanel Boy Small – Flap Bag£3,780.00£3,450.009.5%
Chanel Boy Old – Medium Flap Bag£4,110.00£3,750.009.6%
Chanel Boy New – Medium Flap Bag£4,570.00£4,170.009.5%

Chanel Rectangular Mini Flap Bag

Mini Coco Handle Flap