10 Best Designer Bucket Bags

If you are the kind of person who has their entire life in a bag, I’m also certain that you carry some form of a bucket bag.  These types of bags are perfect for a person who seriously carries all their essentials.  The thing I like the most about designer bucket bags is, I get all of the benefits of a large bag with the timelessness and style of a designer.

What are Bucket Bags?

Before we dive into some of the best designers who make bucket bags, I want to first make you aware of what they are and how they are different from a Tote bag.  Bucket bags are a type of utility travel bag that is commonly more rugged and looks like a bucket.   

Bucket bags are usually cylindrical shaped, have deep and sturdy interiors and sides.  Unlike tote bags, a Bucket bag typically has drawstrings or some type of cover that holds it closed; whereas totes commonly do not.  These types of bags commonly have pockets and zippers within them for better organization.

Are Bucket Bags a New Style?

Bucket bags are not new, they have been around for quite some time.  The first designer bucket bags were popularized by Hermes, but many other fashion houses have had various versions of their own bucket bags since the early 1930s.  This original concept is a credit to Louis Vuitton’s Noe bag.

When Mansur Gavriel introduced his iconic bucket bags back in 2010, other fashion houses such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, and others started introducing their own version of this bag.  If you are considering a bucket bag but think it will go out of style, think again. Its currently seen among some of the hottest designer’s collections and street styles around the world.

How to wear a bucket bag?

As stated, before designer bucket bags are very versatile and functional bags.  They tend to come in a large variety of colors and styles. Naturally, you can pair a black bucket bag with nearly anything but in a white top and some simmering silver pumps, you can part the sea.  Seriously though, I would consider a bucket bag an everyday type of bag.  It pretty much complements any outfit or occasion.

Overall, there is no right or wrong way to wear a bucket bag. I would say wear it how you feel and keep it moving.

What's considered a good bucket bag?

Like everything else, it has a lot to do with personal taste, personal affordability, and materials used. Of the there main qualities it larges comes down to personal taste. What is amazing for one may not be for others. Deciding the best bucket bag for your personal tastes and lifestyle basically falls to the eyes of the beholder. I'm sure the fashion industry has its standard but that's not how we determine amazing or best anything.

Below is a list of the best designer bucket bags from Foxytote.  I would also like to mention that they are not in any particular order.

Mini Mini Bucket Bag

Mansur Gavriel

Field Bucket Bag


YSL Monogram Striped Bucket Bag

Saint Laurent

The Bucket Bag

Marc Jacobs

T Monogram Mini Bucket Bag

Tory Burch

Evil Eye Leather Bucket Bag

Rebecca Minkoff

Leather Embossed Tambour Bucket Bag


Lili 14 Grommet Top-Handle Bucket Bag


Small Tulip Leather Bucket Bag


Small The Curve Leather Bucket Bag

Alexander McQueen

Other Designer Bucket Bags

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