About us

Are you wondering who Foxytote is? Well, we are all about handbags… Exclusively! We explore everything affordable handbags.  There is no limit to our exploration to find the latest and greatest handbags.  We have a super skilled team of folks who live, breath, and sleep flux fashion. So you will never go wrong with Foxtotes on your arm!

Foxytote, is all about being fashion forward with the latest trends in, well you guessed it handbags. We carry all the latest designs and designers to fit your shopping need.

Whether you’re at the office or on your day off, foxytote’s handbags and accessories go well with both a casual and professional lifestyle. Deciding which bag styles, like crossbody handbags, satchels, wristlets and totes is just a small part of finding that bag for you. Now if you can top off the look with hats, gloves, and scarves during the fall seasons or sunglasses (from foxyshadez) during the summer.

foxytote designer handbagsA hot crossbody bag is an exceptional bag when it comes to being functional and fashionable. With its classic aesthetic and compact design, it is the epitome of blending efficiency and style. If its storage you’re looking for, however, a satchel handbag is best. Featuring unique features like detachable shoulder straps, front flap pockets and back snap pockets, you’re sure to find the satchel that will hold all of your essential personal items!

Need a Foxybag to carry or tablet or laptop? We have a bag for that. One that is fashion forwards whiles fully functional for everyday usage. No need to have separate bags for you conies and your tech, but them together with one of Foxytote’s amazing designer handbags.

Looking to get away? Travel in style with new lightweight luggage that makes taking a vacation easy and fun. If you’re traveling for a longer amount of time, opt for large, hard-side luggage suitcases that can hold up during the worst of conditions—not to mention store all of the clothes and toiletries you need!

When it comes to handbags and accessories, Foxytote is your one stop shop for all the latest brands of handbags and accessories. We got you covered!