Spring 2019 Kate Spade Handbags by Nicola Glass

To Kate Spade fans everywhere. Here is your first look, at the brand's new direction.  For it is the dawn of a new Era. The Kate Spade New York's director, Nicola Glass is celebrating the release of her first campaign, which will be in the Spring of 2019.

This brand new collection of handbags has arrived and they are infused, with a sense of colorful and whimsical delight. Nicola Glass has aced it, by bringing the girly Kate Spade world to life.

These handbags also have a very sophisticated and a yet youthful look. Which they also have an air of sensuality, to them as well.  So this new designer Nicola Glass and her much-loved brand, is an extravagant brand that's bursting forth with so much color, with so many unique designs and very playful pieces, that are totally inspired by the 1940's and the 1970's.

Glass has chosen to use the “Iconic Spade Logo” and integrating it, into so many patterns and using it as a functional bag closure, on many of her famous handbags.  The “Becca Blair Bags” is a good example of this integration.  Also, the “Becca Blair Bags” are super creative, superbly fun and extremely stylish and as for that spade logo, well the spade logo is a true classic.

So the “Kate Spade New York label” is quite a bit of some “Girlie fun” but with a more refined, modern touch to it and the label also has less of a vintage look.  So with all that conundrum that Nicola Glass had to face, like any designer out there. Glass was now stepping into the shoes of an icon that she had admired.  Nicola Glass did walk that fine line, for it was her true passion.

Nicola Glass in her new role as creative director, wanted to implement her own fresh vision onto a label, while still staying true to it's original founder and that founder was Kate Spade New York, which is a 26-year-old fashion brand.

A fashion brand with it's patterns upon patterns of unique backgrounds, that were drawing so much attention, to so many vibrant and fun wallpapers. With also the most exquisite homeware fabrics around, which added a cheeky touch to them and fans just loved that about the brand.  So now many years later, the late “Kate Spade New York” has left a little bit of sparkle everywhere that she went and as for Nicola Glass, well she is now following right behind Kate Spade, leaving a trail of rainbow colors as well.

So as a brand, we encourage women to be heroine's of their own stories. The brand is also a celebration for women, who are across many different time zones and for many generations around the world and it's also a celebration for women, who have different kinds of style and creeds as well. The brand is for women, who are living their individual lives, to the absolute fullest and for women to believe that everything is possible.